Vertical Display Stand

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    Made from a quality acrylic plastic and available in three sizes. 


    The vertical stand has a simple modern design, with a straight back support and lipped front feet.  This multi-purpose stand is designed to display numerous items.


    Suitable for items with a diameter or height between 8-42cm, 3"- 16"



    Stand Dimensions:

    Height: 12.5cm, 4"

    Width at front: 8.5cm, 3.25"

    Depth/length: 11.2cm, 4.5"

    Front feet to top of back rest: 17cm, 7"

    Suitable for items: 14cm-25cm, 5.5"-10"



    Stand Dimensions:

    Height: 17cm, 7"

    Width at front: 9.5cm, 3.75"

    Depth/length: 13cm, 5"

    Front feet to top of back rest: 18cm, 7.25"

    Suitable for items: 19cm-35cm, 7.25"-14"



    Stand Dimensions:

    Height: 22cm, 8.5"

    Width at front: 11.25cm, 4.5"

    Depth/length: 17.5cm, 7"

    Front feet to top of back rest: 24.5cm, 9.5"

    Suitable for items: 23cm-42cm, 9"-16"

    Manufactured in Italy

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